Mushroom Dispensaries in Canada

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Are there really ten mushroom dispensaries across Canada?

In Montreal, there’s at least one. Or there was. Hours after opening this past Tuesday, police raided the FunGuyz mushroom dispensary. According to a police spokesperson, they arrested four people.

However, a store spokesperson told the Canadian Press the raid was a “waste of taxpayers’ money” and that they expect to open the next day.

This isn’t the first raid FunGuyz has experienced. On July 6, police raided their Windsor, Ontario location.

FunGuyz co-owner Edgar Gorbans told the local news: “We’re clearly pro legalization. We just hope that having these stores will draw some attention to the topic of psilocybin and the problems that are involved in accessing psilocybin.”

Mushroom Dispensaries in Canada

Mushroom Dispensaries in Canada
(Michelle Maluske/CTV News Windsor)

The Windsor store was up and running hours after being raided, according to Gorban. He says FunGuyz has ten other stores across the country.

The goal is to provide medicinal psilocybin to help Canadians.

“We’re just getting started and we hope that the word gets out,” he told CTV.

Currently, Canadians can only access psilocybin, not through a mushroom dispensary, but through the Special Access Program (SAP).

The SAP isn’t without its criticisms. Long wait times, bureaucratic hurdles, and a low probability of approval frustrate Canadians of all ailments. 

Adding insult to injury, it’s easier to apply (and get approved) for MAiD, the government suicide program.

Gorban’s civil disobedience is entirely justified. The psilocybin buck does not stop with Health Canada. A handful of politicians and bureaucrats do not have intrinsic rights to your body.

And if there’s any lesson from cannabis legalization, it’s that “illegal” dispensaries work. All power to mushroom dispensaries in Canada.

Mushroom Dispensaries Menu

Mushroom Dispensaries in Canada
(Michelle Maluske/CTV News Windsor)

The FunGuyz mushroom dispensary in Montreal, Canada offered customers seven types of 14 and 28-gram bags. Bags of dried mushrooms labelled names such as “African Pyramid” or “Blue Meanie” lined the shelf.

There was also a microdose option, offering psilocybin in 50, 100, and 200 micrograms.

People consume psilocybin mushrooms for a variety of reasons, whether recreational or medicinal. It can provide feelings of euphoria and sensory changes that can be pleasant or helpful for one’s psyche.

A landmark study from the Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research found psilocybin to be safe and positive.

Psilocybin works by activating serotonin receptors. This can affect mood, cognition, and perception. Although, “set and setting” apply here.

Ritual use of psilocybin dates back to pre-Columbian Mesoamerican societies. The practice continues to this day.

Recently, doctors have tested psilocybin for treating depression, end-of-life anxiety, social phobias, and even cluster headaches. While mushroom dispensaries in Canada are not legal, you can technically access psilocybin for these ailments.

Indeed, the evidence linking psilocybin-induced hallucinations and positive therapeutic outcomes grows every year.

What’s Next for Psilocybin in Canada?

Gorban told the news: “We’re trying to provide access to psilocybin that the government can’t.” He has vowed to launch a constitutional challenge.

With legal cannabis nationwide and decriminalized drugs in B.C., the continued prohibition of psilocybin mushrooms makes no sense.

Only religions and cults try to control people’s minds. So-called “liberal” governments should butt out. An individual’s mind and body are sovereign.

Mushroom dispensaries in Canada should be as common as Tim Horton’s.

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