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Do cruise ships allow you to bring cannabis on board? No, bringing cannabis on a cruise is risky business. 

Maybe you’re thinking, well, I’m a patient. Can I bring my prescription cannabis on a Carnival cruise? Again, no. According to the cruise line’s website:

Carnival recognizes that some state and local governments in the U.S. and in the destinations we visit might allow marijuana use. However, Carnival Cruise Line follows U.S. federal law, which strictly prohibits the possession and use of recreational/medicinal marijuana and other illegal controlled substances.

And that about sums up cannabis on cruise ships. They take off from ports which are under federal jurisdiction. And the feds don’t like cannabis.

But what about Canadian cruise ships? What about delta-8 THC? Can you take cannabis oil on board a cruise ship? How would they even know?

Cannabis on a cruise ship leaving Seattle

Cannabis on cruise ships

Suppose you brought cannabis on a cruise ship leaving Seattle, Washington. Suppose you were going to Anchorage, Alaska. In both states, cannabis is legal. 

The cruise ship passes through Canada, where cannabis is also legal. You’d think there wouldn’t be an issue. But cruise ships operate under federal law.

Therefore, no cannabis for you.

Cannabis consumption on cruise ships, just like all cannabis consumption, remains illegal under federal U.S. law. 

That includes medical cannabis and legal hemp products like delta-8. Even though hemp is federally legal to purchase, possess, and use, cruise lines ban it as the D.E.A. considers it a controlled substance.

As mentioned, Carnival forbids all types of cannabis. But so does:

Royal Caribbean: Marijuana possession and/or use, including medical marijuana, and possession or use of any illegal drugs, is strictly prohibited in many jurisdictions visited and on the Vessel at all times, as well as in terminals, during shore excursions or any other part of the cruise, regardless of any local, state, or other laws which might permit use or possession of marijuana.

Disney Cruises: Illegal narcotics/drugs, including synthetic, designer drugs and medically prescribed marijuana, as well as all drug paraphernalia, including items used for marijuana, cannabis and hemp

Celebrity Cruises: Marijuana, even in its medicinal form or for medicinal purposes, is prohibited. Illegal drugs and other illegal substances are neither allowed onboard nor permitted to be used during a Celebrity Cruises vacation, including during transfers to and from ships, inside terminals, while onboard, at ports of call, during shore excursions, and at our private destinations. Illegal drugs and substances will be confiscated, and Celebrity Cruises reserves the right to, at its discretion, report violations of this nature to the appropriate authorities.

Exceptions to the Rule?

Cruise ships are private property regulated by the federal U.S. government. Unless cannabis reform comes from D.C., these rules are unlikely to change.

Cannabis-friendly cruise ships don’t exist. Not yet, at least. Exceptions to the rule include Miami-based Bhang Cruise.

Started by the South Florida Women Grow organization, the annual cruise line is more of an educational experience than a party boat. 

Still, the cruise stops at a Jamaican cannabis farm, Bob Marley’s birthplace, and features speakers from the cannabis industry, a trade show and cocktail mixers.

Of course, Bhang Cruise isn’t flaunting the laws too much. They’re clear as a bell: “Cannabis will not be consumed or distributed as part of this event.”

What About Canada?

Cannabis Tourism in Canada

Technically, cannabis on cruise ships in Canada’s waters should be fine. And before the covid hysteria, there was a Windsor-based cannabis-friendly cruise ship.

However, this cruise ship was B.Y.O.C. (bring your own cannabis). And it didn’t leave Canadian waters.

Otherwise, no cruise ships paddle around in Canadian waters. Virtually all of them visit American cities, the Caribbean or leave the continent entirely. And you cannot travel with legal Canadian cannabis internationally.

Cannabis cookies on cruise ships

What about sneaking cannabis cookies on cruise ships? Or a cannabis tincture? Or capsules disguised in an omega-3 fish-oil bottle?

This is the least risky method as long as the cruise lines allow you to bring your own food onboard. Unlike flower, edibles don’t emit a smell. And they can be disguised as food or supplements.

If you’re bringing cannabis gummies, then mix them in with a bag of regular candies that are well-known and recognized. Obviously, don’t bring a chocolate bar with a big pot leaf on the cover and a cartoon mascot with bloodshot eyes.

Cannabis on cruise ships

As mentioned, cannabis capsules often look like omega-3 fish oil capsules. You could bring capsules on board disguised as a vitamin supplement.

Most security staff are looking for weapons, alcohol, or other drugs. Unless you’ve got a baggy full of flower, they’re unlikely to notice your homemade “special” rice crispy squares.

That said, some cruise lines have been known to have drug-sniffing dogs. But there’s also a greater emphasis on checking bags upon returning from a cruise than departing. So these things are worth keeping in mind.

What About Vaping?

Many cruise lines permit nicotine vaping. This allows you to pass a THC oil pen off as a nicotine vape pen. Ideally, you’d have a standard vape pen with nicotine cartridges, but among the nicotine cartridges would be THC ones.

What if I Get Caught with Cannabis on a Cruise Ship? 

So your cannabis-friendly cruise ship turned out not to be cannabis-friendly after all. What now?

Odds are, the staff will confiscate the product. You could be fined and kicked off the cruise. You may even end up in the “brig” or cruise jail until the ship makes its next destination.

Worst case, police will be waiting onshore to arrest you. Most likely, you’ll be prohibited from sailing with the cruise line in the future.

All in all, you’re best to sneak edibles on board or avoid the cruise altogether. That is until the U.S. legalizes cannabis and cruise ships relax their rules. 

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